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We all want to capitalise on the time we have away from work, it’s a rudimentary desire for all outside recreationalists. To do it more, you need to be at the location more. What if you didn’t need to leave there for pesky chores like finding [and consuming] food, finding a motel room or cabin. What if you BYO’d EVERYTHING, including the kitchen sink. How enticing is the idea of rocking up for a surf. Post surf just open up the back to the view. Grab a bite to eat and then lounge around out of the sun before the next paddle out. Repeat. Be up the mountain and after your morning runs warm up and chill out in your RV before the afternoon session. How amazing it is to fall asleep to the sound of surf rolling in. To be woken in the wee small hours by the new swell’s arrival. To wake in the morning to dawn perfection just out your bed’s window. It’s the dream.


New Zealand’s population has a unique set of geographical and meterogical conditions. We live on long skinny islands with surf coasts on both sides and mountains forming a spine down the middle of those isles. We live in a recreationalist’s playground. We don’t have a stable continental climate like Australia or Mainland USA; our weather is ever changing. It’s easy for us to dart from one place to the other to get to the best conditions. As such, New Zealand recreationalists are highly mobilised. It’s quite a logical step as to why many New Zealanders covet campervans, buses, caravans, camperised 4×4’s with roof tents and full blown motorhomes.

Ants Piggins’ rig Hamner Springs Autumn 2019

What if you take that dream to the next level? What if you had an adventurised Recreational Vehicle- a fully self-contained home on wheels that has power, a TV, a loo, shower, kitchen, lounge and bed? What if, in this modern world of the interweb you could target the perfect weather conditions days ahead. Be there before it, session it out and then drift home after you and that perfect window have been exhausted. And that is really what the Recreational Society is all about, how to do it, people that are doing it. The goal is to provide a hub of information and inspiration about all things related to getting out there and staying there….from a Kiwi perspective. The name is quite intentional, we welcome you in. If you’ve got a better way to do something tell us how. If you’ve just had an epic journey, share it. If you or a mate have got a great vehicle, let us know. We’d love to hear from you, contact us HERE.


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